Now playing: I Will Possess Your Heart

"You’ve gotta spend some time, love. You’ve gotta spend some time with me."

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"My head is weak, my heart always speaks before I know what it will say."

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This song is so beautiful.

"Now we all know the words were true in the sappiest songs (yes, yes).
I’ll put them to bed, but they won’t sleep, they’re just shuffling the sheets, they toss and turn,
(you can’t begin to get it back)”

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I can’t believe I went as many years as I did without knowing
this band but ever since my friend gave me a cd 6 years ago
with them on it they have continued to be the soundtrack to my life.

Especially this song. Especially right now.


I love this song, and video.

and what makes it even cooler is that this video is the first live, scripted, one-take music video shoot, ever.

Pretty sure I’ll love these men forever.

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